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If you are looking for Inspiration, Motivation, Angelic Words of Wisdom, Crash and Extended Courses for Angelic Humans, and even Childrens' Books, you are in the right place
And do not forget these words by Vera Nazarian: "Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light."

Unleash all your potential as a Human Angel and become a Miracle Maker

Our two first books help you to understand and accept your true nature as a Human Angel, and to make the most out of it. Get ready to unfold your wings and become a Miracle Maker!   

Pray to the Angels and get all the help you need

Our two books of Prayers to the Angels help you get all the answers you need to live a happy life, solve your problems, and make this world a better place with the help of the Angels.

Daily Motivational Quotes and Angelic Words of Wisdom

Bring the wisdom of the Angels and put a little extra positivity in your life with our two books of daily inspirational quotes and angelic words of wisdom. Start spreading love and wisdom and you'll see miracles happen!

Help Children believe in Angels and the power of their love

Children are pure and innocent, but they are still unprepared to face problems and overcome issues. Our latest publication has funny moments and precious teachings that will help them learn about Angels and Guardian Angels. 

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We Are Human Angels - A Crash Course for Angelic Humans

Your journey as a Human Angel begins here. We Are Human Angels - A Crash Course for Angelic Humans is our first book. This tiny little book is a miracle maker and has been spontaneously translated by the readers into 14 languages.

1. If you are a Truthseeker, you will find all the answers to your quest.
2. This book is your roadmap to Oneness. You will learn how to embrace and live Oneness.
3. It shows you how to awaken to a new state of awareness and fulfill your soul mission.
4. It gives you an astounding new vision of who you really are.
5. It takes you to the depths of the Divinity within.
6. It teaches you how to have a pain-free life and become a miracle maker.
7. It has already touched so many hearts all around the world. It will deeply touch also yours.


We Are Human Angels, We Inspire Change: A Complete Course for Angelic Humans

After the planetary success of We Are Human Angels - A Crash Course for Angelic Humans, by popular demand here comes the extended edition We are Human Angels, We Inspire Change A Complete Course For Angelic Humans.

It Teaches You How To:
* Overcome the real matrix of ego.
* Heal from the pain of the past imprinted in your emotional body.
* Be truly happy and make other people happy too.
* Consciously create your own reality and become love in action.
* Tune in with the universal flow of love, joy, and abundance.
* Build a healthy, joyful romantic relationship and achieve the sacred union.
* Manage your intense sensitivity and make the best use of it in helping others.
*Help others while respecting the Sacred Law of Free Will.
* Fulfill your highest potential as a Human Angel and find your own mission here on earth.


365 Prayers to the Angels: Get your prayers answered and fulfill all your dreams with the help of the Angels

Unleash the power of the Angels into your daily life! Recruit legions of Angels at your beck and call to obtain health, prosperity and fulfill all your wishes.

Just get ready to ask and be open to receive. All you need to do is to invoke the Angels at your side and pray to them.


It helps you make the act of praying to the Angels an essential part of your daily life
It teaches you the 7 Golden Rules to pray to the Angels to fulfill all your wishes
It helps you develop your personal relationship with Angels
In the rush of your life, it will be your precious inner space of peace and light
It helps you stay heart-centered and positive whatever happens around you
It gives you strength and courage when you feel overwhelmed
It unveils you the secret ‘weapon’ to empower your prayers
These 365 Prayers are your daily tool to connect with your Angels. They are just waiting for you to invite them into your world! They will bring love, happiness, wealth, health, and good luck into your life.


Dear Angel... Prayers for Healing Miracles, Protection, Guidance, and Financial Blessings

Invite and welcome Angel Miracles into your daily life! "Dear Angel" is a complete collection of prayers for all your needs and desires, and for your loved ones and friends. 

It unleashes the angelic power into your life
It helps you achieve prosperity, health, and anything you want
It helps you leave your worries, anxieties, and fears to the Angels and live a positive life
It helps you deepen your relationship with your Angels
The power of Prayer knows no limits, and there's nothing the Angels cannot do for you and your loved ones
The Angels are just waiting for you to invite them into your world. You just have to call and pray to them
It tells you the secret to making the law of attraction work
If the law of attraction has not worked for you, it is because you have not activated the angelic power in your life
Things and people come to you spontaneously and effortlessly thanks to the attractiveness of your thoughts, combined with the angelic intervention
The Angels become the invisible directors of lucky coincidences and fulfilled wishes


365 Mantras for Today: Find your inner peace, light up the world around you with the power of positive thoughts

Do you feel the powerful urge to change your life but you don’t know how to do it?
When negative emotions and thoughts attract crappy things into your life, it's time to change the way you think
The time has come to attract into your life all of the wonderful things you dream of and that you deserve.
Some mantras will purify and heal you.
Some others will help you in raising your energies.
You will easily free yourself from fears, feelings of guilt, anger, resentment, and expectations.
You will achieve Self-confidence, Gratitude, Acceptance, Joy, and Self-respect.
Day by day, effortlessly, you start seeing the changes you have always wanted to see.
The people around you will benefit from your positive energy.
Enlighten your life with the power of positive thoughts!


365 Wisdom Pills: Your daily dose of Angelic Wisdom

365 Wisdom Pills is the quickest and most effective 'remedy' when you are looking for inspiration to make wise and positive decisions.

If you are striving for a ray of light to dispel the temporary darkness of your life, from now on you have your own remedy and this remedy is called Wisdom Pills.
Just open this book, read one or two sentences or more, and you will be guided to immediately raise your energy to a higher frequency.

It gives you faith, support, and instant help
It raises your energy to a higher frequency
It helps you make wise and positive decisions
It helps you feel more self-confident, relaxed, and joyful
It helps you heal from old emotional wounds
It gives you strength when you feel downhearted
It opens your heart to the angelic love and to a greater compassion
It brings enlightenment to your everyday life.

These Wisdom Pills are made of...
Unconditional Love
Bring the guidance and the wisdom of the Angels into your life!
Start to take your wisdom pills right now and fill your heart with angelic love.


Emily and Seraphiel, the amazing story of a little rascal and her guardian angel  
With the special participation of the Archangel Michael

Help children believe in Angels and the power of their love!
There are books that you read as a child and that you carry in your heart for a lifetime. "Emily and Seraphiel" is one of them.
Epic battles, bedtime stories, extraordinary appearances... it is an exciting book and more. It is the book that, thanks to the angel Seraphiel, opens the door to the world of spirituality and angels for every child.
There, they will find wonder, entertainment, and precious teachings that will accompany them on their journey towards adulthood with a smile on their faces.

Children will love this book because:
- it helps them overcome their fears and insecurities
- it makes them feel loved, understood and accepted
- Seraphiel is funny, a hilarious angel who knows how to make children laugh
- the angel is also very wise and gives wonderful teachings
- the book has beautiful illustrations

Parents will love this book because:
- It helps children believe in Angels
- it helps children recognize the love, the care, the sacrifices that parents make to give them a good life
- it teaches children about self-confidence
- it conveys profound spiritual values in a world that seems to have forgotten them.


About Us

You will not find our names as we have chosen to pen our books as Human Angels, a collective identity that transcends our individuality and belongs to all those who have chosen to live with Unconditional Love in the Oneness. We have written our books driven by the desire to share our healing journey, a trip through the illusions of the ego to our rebirth in the Oneness.  We have chosen to stay anonymous but we have agreed to being interviewed by some spiritual maganizes, such as Om Times Radio Circle of Hearts Show, Connecting with Angels hosted by Sheri Myers and Inner Peace Master Class by Julie Cairnes