• 365 Wisdom Pills

    The less you judge, the more you love

    Your daily dose of Angelic Wisdom

  • 365 Wisdom Pills

    Forgiveness frees the forgiver

    Your daily dose of Angelic Wisdom

365 Wisdom Pills

Your daily dose of Angelic Wisdom



Instant help for your spiritual growth

Our beloved Angels have inspired us to write this book that contains 365 simple, yet profound, Pills of Wisdom. These Pills of Wisdom will give you faith, support and instant help for your spiritual growth. The journey towards the Consciousness that we are all One is sometimes difficult with pitfalls created by our egos to keep us glued to our old beliefs. During this journey, you might sometimes feel lost and lonely, searching for help and inspiration. In this case, “365 Wisdom Pills” is the remedy that, providing you with a daily dose of angelic wisdom, will strengthen you and jump-start your healing process.

Reawaken your highest potential

“365 Wisdom Pills” is the first medicine that contains the active substance called “Soul Consciousness” and has only positive and long-lasting effects on your spiritual health and self-worth. The Wisdom Pills are recommended to start the healing process, from small to large emotional wounds and to reawaken the highest potential of every human being: their Divine Nature, the inner Human Angel that is waiting to be activated by the bright light of Consciousness. The Wisdom Pills act directly on those parts of yourself that need to be brought into balance. “365 Wisdom Pills” will help you to remember the wonderful, Divine being that is You


Your daily dose of Angelic Wisdom

Wisdom Pills is the medicine that provides you with a daily dose of angelic wisdom, giving you a new, enlightened perspective on your entire life, making you able to heal yourself from all the emotional wounds that have caused suffering in your life.

What Wisdom Pills are

Wisdom Pills contain the active substance called "Soul Consciousness".

How Wisdom Pills work

Wisdom Pills act on those parts of yourself that need to be brought into balance.

What the Wisdom Pills are used for

Wisdom Pills help you to heal your life and achieve a brighter state of Angelic Wisdom.


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About the authors

You will not find our names as we have chosen to pen our books as “HUMAN ANGELS”, a collective identity that transcends our individuality and belongs to all those who have chosen to live with Unconditional Love in the Oneness.

We have written these books driven by the wish to share our healing journey, a trip through the illusions of the ego to our rebirth in the Oneness.

We have transmuted our experiences into Awareness and Love with the help of powerful, channeled energies that have, increasingly, guided and enlightened the path of our journey.