• Are you a Human Angel?

    If you feel you were born for a greater purpose and would like to express it… YOU are a Human Angel and you are just trying to remember

    We Are Human Angels THE BOOK

  • Are you a Human Angel?

    If since childhood you have wanted to change the world and have not stopped believing…If you have always dreamed of relieving the sorrows of all living beings…

    We Are Human Angels THE BOOK

  • Are you a Human Angel?

    If you feel that you have a special talent to help others…If you have an out of the ordinary sensitivity…

    We Are Human Angels THE BOOK

  • Are you a Human Angel?

    If you have overcome difficult trials in your life… If you, from the very beginning, have always felt a sense of not belonging to this world…

    We Are Human Angels THE BOOK

  • Are you a Human Angel?

    If you believe in the healing power of Love…If you still have the same dreams you had when you were a pure-hearted child…

    We Are Human Angels THE BOOK

If since childhood you have wanted to change the world and have not stopped believing…If you have always dreamed of relieving the sorrows  of all living beings…If you feel that you have a special talent to help others…If you have an out of the ordinary sensitivity…If you have overcome difficult trials in your life…If you think that despite everything, life should be lived with joy…If, while always trying to give meaning to your suffering, you believe that there must be a way to stop yours and others suffering…If in your heart there is no room for hatred and resentment…If you always try to change evil into good and darkness into light…If you always follow your heart even when it seems to be the hardest thing to do…If you have always had a vision of heaven on earth and would like to spread it throughout the world…If you have the ability to read people and know what is hidden within their hearts…If you silently bless everyone you encounter in your life…If you, from the very beginning, have always felt a sense of not belonging to this world…If you have never been able to relate yourself with any group of people, but you have always had a deep desire to connect yourself with your Souls’ family here on earth…If the search for truth is your greatest passion…If you live with honesty even when it hurts…If you believe in the healing power of Love…If you still have the same dreams you had when you were a pure-hearted child…If you feel you were born for a greater purpose and would like to express it…

you are a Human Angel and you are just trying to remember.


Human Angels are souls who have chosen to be born now on this planet to awaken themselves and humanity to Unconditional Love and Awareness of the Oneness. Human Angels are beacons that simply being who they are, illuminate the darkness, to help those who are still on the path to stay the course. If you feel you are a Human Angel, the time has come to open your heart and unfold your wings.

An excerpt from “We are Human Angels”, the book that has inspired the Human Angels’ community around the world. If you have enjoyed this excerpt, click here to know more about the book or click here to see where you can order it.
































































  • katarina petrovic stojanovic October 12, 2012   Reply

    maby my heart is open, but i have lost my wings long ago. And sometimes i feel like i am all alone. without nature and yours mantras i couldnt survive.

    • admin October 13, 2012   Reply

      Hi, Katarina. You are not alone, because in the Oneness nothing is separated and loneliness is just an illusion created by the mind. Keep on following your heart! Blessings, and a Big Hug!

  • Nikki Classen February 21, 2013   Reply

    Thank you very much for sharing this kind of information with others. One can never imagine that we are all so loved and Blessed. God made everything and everyone dependent on each other. Take one plant or tree or animal out of an eco-system and it dies… We even need the soil, the sun, the moon, the sea, the earth, fire, the air. Nothing can exist alone. And God make us need our enemies and says be good unto them no matter what. I have learnt how to love and accept my enemies through the help of God and Jesus the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Thank U very much for sharing once more

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Thank you Nikki for sharing your journey with us. We are never alone when choose to rely on the guidance of our Higher Self, that is God within ourselves. Thanks again, much Love! H.A.

  • season one February 23, 2013   Reply

    i really liked, thx

  • online stream February 23, 2013   Reply

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    There is definately a lot to learn about this issue.
    I love all the points you made.

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  • Angelica March 18, 2013   Reply

    I am a human angel! Since i could remember i always wanted to help some one and even go out of my way to do it, sometimes getting angry why they dont see or understand the way i do … I have been told im wise for my age and should be a teacher … I study things that intrest me ,i hated school and never graduates… I JUST LEarNED about my awakening and its all makin sense to me …I’ve been though life not easey but i feel its a lesson and purpose so i can understand and help others ..someti
    mes i shock myself thwhat i come up with to help others who had need ora to help advise …. I never used the excuse because i had a bad life but a blessing…
    why i live

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Dear Angelica, thank you for your message. When we remember that we are Divine Beings and we start to spread our love all around us, we do not have to put expectations on what we do. We do this for ourselves and for others, but always without forgetting that when someone is suffering, we can offer to be there for them, but we can intervene only when we have the consent of their soul, out of any expectation. We give with an open heart, without asking for gratitude. Gratitude is already within ourselves. Helping others at any cost means violating the Sacred Law of Free Will. Remember that you do not need the approval of others to be fully confident in your own capacity for love. You are perfect just the way You Are. Stay strong! With Love, H.A.

  • frank moshk April 8, 2013   Reply

    If we live in the world of oneness,then why there r 35000 children dying everyday on earth of hunger,why so mush seperation and corruption,wars,unjustice,lies,and so forth,the politions,and world authorities are doing what they please,the earth is dying and they don’t give a dam,i love ur book,but,one has to be able to practice it,i’m so depressed,and low energy that i wish to leave this mess,the world is in great needs of curing,it’s becoming too late,and it seems that no one cares! three main issues that needs immidiate attention,population managment,enviromental treatment and cleansing,economical balance through out the world,but we all know that the world’s elite powers r focus on destruction than construction,and it really brought me to this depression,that i just don’t want to live anymore.plz comment.Thx

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Dear Frank, first of all thank you very much for your passionate message. It seems a cry for help. Please remember that we always have a good reason to be thankful to life: we are alive, this is a gift to live to the fullest. Do not waste your time and energies in complaining about the bad things we see everyday. Do what you can do in order to make this world a better place, starting with the small and big compassionate actions that you can take everyday in your life. Smile, you are not alone in this journey towards the Oneness. Many people are walking beside you. The world is neither good nor bad; do not judge it, just love it! Keep on movin’, remeMbering that one by one we can change our own world, all together we can create heaven on earth. Believe it!
      With Love, H.A.

    • char May 6, 2013   Reply

      Greeting Frank.
      Oh my stars! I feel I may know how you feel sometimes. I am protecting myself from the news and media- movies, music, and television for the last few years, even slightly before I busted outta the matrix because I have been slowly awakening my entire life. That desperate passion and anger that I have when I am exposed popular media. I have a friend who calls me and tells me not to watch certain movies. It is because she knows I can cry for days if I see something terrible. After I just didn’t know what to do anymore, I was scared I would do something tragic several times. I had to change to survive. I am sometimes devastated beyond words but it’s true that I do desire a life with joy. There were times I thought it wasn’t worth trying anymore. It wasn’t worth breathing because of all those same things you described. I wonder at interval: how can people hurt each other so!?! Why?! And I weep sometimes. I am disgusted by people’s lies!
      Luckily I have been learning about Human Angels these last few months. In 2010, my life was probably saved when I learned about Star Children! Suddenly, I wasn’t alone. I was studying Angels and Guardian Angels. I did an Angel meditation. I just wanted a hug. I was so lonely, even with all the love of so many people in my life. Then the room became Light and warm. I was so shocked! I felt so much Love! I had felt this presence at a retreat once before, but this was different. It told me to get on the internet and research Angels. I read a lot anyway. But when I saw the word “Star Child,” I started to live. And that is one of the reasons I am here!
      I have decided for now, not to have children because of the because I am a very protective “Mother” and a lot of the people on this planet make great birth control. A few weeks ago, I looked at the tiny chubby fingers of the babies I take care of. As I admired the miracles of the little fingers, I decided right there that I am going to keep Loving & Lighting: Just in case!
      Sigh. I guess that is the thing I have always done or tried to do. Love is my real desire. And there must be a reason for that. So now, when I feel like raging or crying or leaving this planet, I try to remember to pray instead, especially for the “worst” people. One thing I have learned is that a lot of people cannot understand why we cry, why we want to be free of this Life, or How we can Love enough to cry repeatedly because something was sad or seemed grossly hateful on the news.
      Frank, I Love you though! Maybe it is Us that is a Just, Divine, & Benevolent God? I think Spirit/Universe/Divine Love is pretty hard to describe. Anyway, even if it is just we Love & Lighters because we Love and Love so much that we hate this world because we wish it to be healed & well, that is good enough for me. It turns out that we aren’t even really capable of hating the world. We would just Love! for it to be better, Higher, More Divine and that is why we are so sad to see that people hurt. I am floating, Free and Alight, in solidarity with you and the Human Angel Host and the Divinely Holy Spirit Angels Benevolence that have brought us here to heal. Sometimes, when it gets so dark inside, I meditate and the brightest light seems to pop! out then. There might be weird thoughts that turn out to be messages for me or others. One day, on a hard day recently, I asking for Angelic Comfort and then I felt my wings pop out and “saw” them behind me! I can tell y’all: I was so surprised! I knew I was a volunteer, but an Angelic?! I hadn’t gotten the clue. It took my wings sprouting like a peacock array for me to finally get it! After vaguely hearing about Human Angels for the past couple of years, I hadn’t researched it & didn’t consider that I could even be one! I was practically trying to convince Them it couldn’t be me because sometimes my days of depression are so hard to survive. Some days, I feel terrible. So I researched it and here I am! I am an Angelic Starseed! Yahooo!! May the Peace of the Most High Christ Buddha Divine Goodness Love Joy Light be with you and with Us All. Amen! Namaste! In’challah!

    • Olivia September 15, 2015   Reply

      Dearest Frank,

      I don’t usually post on forums (like, I never ever have before this) but your post touched me in a very deep way because I wrote something almost exactly like it about two years ago and no one replied to me. So here I am, replying to you. Because I have been where you stand, and I feel so compelled to share with you what is waiting on your horizon.

      One of the most amazing things I have come to learn since awakening, is that there is no good, no bad. There is only God. While it is so terribly heartbreaking that the people of Earth are on a path to self-destruction, that people are harmed and killed, that souls are lost and tortured, it is all a part of the Divine plan to heal the universe. There is something we can learn from each “negative” thing that happens to us and to others, something about God’s immense love and mercy for us all.

      Part of being an angel spirit is the deep way in which we feel things. This is as much a blessing as a burden. We are Divine children and our connection to the Earth is purely emotional. For this reason the darkness around us can become overwhelming. I know this personally.

      I suffered from suicidal depression for nearly a decade as I grew up in a home that demanded I follow orders that denied the angel in me. I was dismissed from my home, abandoned, violently emotionally molested and still, I am faced with it every day. I cannot claim to understand how you feel, but I want to promise you three things:

      1. You are not alone. Ever. I know that I am one of hundreds if not thousands of others who have felt as you have. We feel deeply because we come from places where all one has to do to live, to communicate, to thrive is to feel. We are battered and worn because where we come from we only feel love and acceptance and the joy and amazingness of creation. But Earth is sad, dying and angy, so that is all we feel here.

      2. You can be just as happy and feel as much peace as you currently feel hopeless and depressed. I know because I am currently on my way to that very feeling. You must know that we are beings of love and for that reason we need to be with people who love us and with people whom we can love (without destroying ourselves to do so). A Greek philosopher once said, “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world”. It has taken me some time to come to understand what that means and apply it to my life, but now that I have, the happiness I only dreamed of, the peace, it is twinkling in the near future like a light at the end of an endless tunnel. I was able to push through the pain and discover how strong I truly am when I removed from my life the people who did not love me and the people whom by loving I was hurting myself.

      It was not an easy journey, nor a quick one. I have spent two years fighting against my nature as a self-destructive lover, I walked away from my family, and most of my friends as well as a man I loved very dearly. But, as a reward, God has granted me a true soulmate, true friends, and connection to my Divine family. And in this I have found so much peace.

      And finally,
      3. You are amazing. You are powerful. You are designed for a specific purpose and your very being on this planet is changing it. You are a creator, which means, whatever you want in your life, you can create it there. You need only to believe you can. You can change the world every day with the people you speak to, the thoughts you think, the places you go and the healing you provide.

      I would feel more than blessed to share my story with you, help you feel encouraged and supported on your journey.
      You are loved deeply and you also can deeply love this broken world.

  • Tanja Boorsma April 11, 2013   Reply

    Hello, I was wondering if the book will be translate in Dutch.
    Have a nice day! Tanja Boorsma

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Hi, Tanja and thank you for your question. The book will be translated into Dutch within -we hope- a few months. There is a wonderful soul who currently lives in the Netherlands who has offered herself to translate our book into Dutch. Actually, she is suffering some health problems, so it will take some time to have the translation. We will let you know! Blessings and a Big Hug! H.A.

  • Nancy April 16, 2013   Reply

    I do believe that I am a human angle- I hope that I am a human angle… always look for the good! You should always start your day with a smile and end your day with a smile!

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Thanks and blessings, Nancy!

  • Lorma Naude April 21, 2013   Reply

    Please send me some more information about this Human Angels and were I can optain this book from. Regards. Lorma Naude

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    Fantastic site. A lot of handy information and facts right here. Now i’m sending the item to your friends ans in addition spreading in delectable. And definitely, thank you for your work!

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Thanks for your words of appreciation.
      Blessed be,

  • marie holmer April 24, 2013   Reply

    i can feel things Before it happend and in my Dreams i now when they tell me truth about future then i remeber them exactly,i Dream about the tsunami 3 years Before it happends i was living in Khao lak in Thailand then,yes i hav alot of this moment in my life

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      You are a special, gifted soul.
      Blessed be

  • geeta manghnani April 25, 2013   Reply

    I just love your posts……god bless you.

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Thanks and blessing, Geeta!

  • Cheryl April 26, 2013   Reply

    I often wondered why so much pain and suffering had not destroyed me. I figured it was a gift and sometimes a curse to love unconditionally and to forgive without hesitation.

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Yes it is! Our life journey is a curse and a gift too.
      Thanks for sharing with us. You are a wonderful soul.
      Love and blessings, Cheryl

    • char May 6, 2013   Reply

      Hi Cheryl. (Waves “Hello”).
      A gift and a curse indeed. I think after all, it ends up a Gift we wish everyone could have to Love Abundantly Divinely. I shared my experience under Frank post above this. We are on quite a mission here, it seem 😀

  • Anitra April 27, 2013   Reply

    I am a Human Angel!

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Welcome, Anitra!

  • juliet April 27, 2013   Reply

    mmm its exactly how i feel,i know i am living for a purpose a mission want to fulfilled not only for us on my kids,my family (mother,father.brother) but to everyone .I AM DESTINED TO SERVED AND HELP MY PEOPLE -OTHERS FIND ME WEIRD BUT I DONT MIND THIS IS ME-LOVE AND PEACE BE WITH US=NAMASTE

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Love and blessings, Juliet!

  • Martine Sanders April 28, 2013   Reply

    I feel I am a human angel but I have no idea how to fly… my wings were torn off again last week… wish I could find the inner strength to leave my anger and pain behind and step into my true powers. But right now I am lost….

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Dear Martine, remember: the darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn. Soon you will fly, you have the power to do it.
      Blessed be

    • char May 6, 2013   Reply

      I do Angel Meditations and visualization because I am a daydreamer. So, recently, in the harder days, I am taking the advice to actively pretend, especially because it seemed easier to get carried away flying when I was younger and I guess I even told my mother about popping out of body to fly when I was very young. I only remember that we joked about it after a trip around my school when I was about six years old. Haha. It made life in school so hard with my head in the clouds. But I always fly, levitate, float in my dreams. I even heard the most beautiful music I have ever heard one time, in my dreams. I love uplifting music and singing of all kinds but that music was exquisite! Another time, I woke up with a beautiful song. I don’t know why! But I love it. It reminds me, like we are reminded on this site, that We Can! We do fly! One day it will not just be a dream that we wake into an unnatural seeming world from. I think a lot of things just seem and are not as real as our fears.Your I AM power is infinite and those wings may seem cut off, but they just keep growing back I think, luckily 🙂 I feel that your I AM is saying “I am a Human Angel and I am powerfully, eternally winged!”
      The best part of my flying dreams is that I “teach” people to fly. But not really teaching them or leading them. I just encourage them and remind them that they already can! It’s beautiful and it more beautiful to share the flight free in the air experience with others. I think that there may be more than one pair on our shoulder. I feel Angels are glad to wrap us up to keep us warm in theirs and keep us aloft while ours fluff up after a tusseling ;D

  • Nikki April 29, 2013   Reply

    I love your page, must read your book. Where do I find it? I’m surrounded by my loving Angels always and I feel so very Blessed and loved…although I too have had many hurdles to overcome, I would never have made it this far without my Angel friends…but in this world and the Spirit world 🙂

    Always in Love & Light ♥

  • mark April 29, 2013   Reply

    Butterflies come to my Backdoor every year. Starting near the end of April.

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Blesse be, Mark!

  • Ily April 29, 2013   Reply

    Human Angels help me very much in my darknes dificult moment! Your mantras make me find again my self in the moment Iose it….when I read all that mantras i feel like I write all them 🙂 …

    • admin April 30, 2013   Reply

      Thanks and blessings, your light is so bright!

  • Erin DuBois May 1, 2013   Reply

    Hello, I have thought for a long, long time that I am an earth angel I have clairvoyant dreams that always come true, I have predictions, I want to save the world, I pray all the time for others, every time I hear an ambulance with its lights on I ask God to be with righwhom ever their going to help I will say ” surround them with the white light of the holly spirit in Jesus name Amen ” then I ask the their angels and guides be with them. If I could heal the world I would in a heartbeat !!!. I have overcame alot of horrific tragedies . I have MS and have alot of issues right now, and in 2006 was completely paralized for a year and a half I couldn’t even wiggle my toes, feed my

    • admin May 4, 2013   Reply

      Dear Erin, thank you for your message. We are all human angels, even when we have not yet realized or remembered it. When we finally remember that we are Divine Beings, we all start our own journey towards the Oneness. Sometimes we choose rough paths to walk on, but what really matters is to be fully confident in our abilities to succeed in everything we do. Never forget that souls choose, according to the Sacred Law of Free Will, which journey to take down, which trials to face for their evolution. There are no better nor worse paths to walk on. What really matters is the destination. Stay strong, and keep walking! Much Love, H.A.

    • char May 6, 2013   Reply


  • Erin DuBois May 1, 2013   Reply

    Hello, I do believe that I’m an earth / human angel !…
    I have clairvoyant dreams that always àre always true. I also have predictions that are always true. I’m a giving soul that would give the shirt off my back, I have taken 4 children that were in need of a stable home all

  • shell bowler May 1, 2013   Reply

    i feel very lost in this world and don’t know why i am here I’ve asked my guides but i can’t seem to connect with them. i sense when spirits are near me but i just ignore it. when i was younger i felt like i didn’t fit it and i still feel the same now. people don’t believe me when i tell them.so i don’t bother anymore.

    • admin May 1, 2013   Reply

      Dear Shell, even in your saddest moments, remember that you are always connected with the Universe. As an indivisible part of the Oneness, you are not separate from the world around you. When you are feeling the illusion of separation, you are simply giving power to that which does not exist. Please also remember that you do not need the approval of others to be fully confident. Keep walking on your spiritual path, in the Oneness nothing is separated and loneliness is just an illusion. Blessings and a Big Hug! H.A.

    • fatimazohra Hadjar May 4, 2013   Reply

      maybe you should start by doing some soul searching, finding out who you are, where you want to be. listen to your innerself, not the ego bev\cause that,s something else. try to listen to that voice and asked for guidance. open up your heart to let it in. people around you don,t understand you, because they are not you, what you are going through is beyound there imagination, so they can,t deal with it. you can find good information on the internet, start reading books,like; a course in miracles, they can help you in finding you way.

    • char May 6, 2013   Reply

      I used to “ignore” a lot of stuff, as well. Or I would procrastinate or get lazy, even about Spiritual searching that was important and of interest. I think that sometimes, I was just trying to simplify my life or be “normal” or “fit in.” I quit that. People are surprised sometimes because I am more and more me. But I am happier and now, even though I feel weird, I now have deeper connections with people and have found more people I can really be myself with. I have even shyly told some people about being an Angelic. One lady hugged me so much because she has a young son who is “different,” too. It makes her happy & relieved that I am adjusted well. The lady said, “Ah. Wrap me in your wings!” I giggled and almost cried because maybe the two of us are different, but I said something “weird,” maybe surprised her, that is just what she needed/wanted to hear.
      It can be confusing to find a comfortable adjustment. I am still working on that, little by little. My family loves me but may look at me sideways sometimes, hahaha. I ask for Divine Guidance in my research and how I share myself and balance to live for what I came for. I think it is good to remember that this is a process. So, I am thankful there are reminders, like this page that we can ask for Divine & Benevolent help. I mean, we breath air everyday. We try eat everyday, usually. I think for those of us “awakening” and such, this is like air or food 😀 And it can be fun, too!
      Love & Light to you.

  • Melba May 1, 2013   Reply

    Yes, we are here to connect all human angels by helping each other to live happy and long lives. So when you feel alone, just remember that there are other human angels right here with you and all you have to do is to reach out and you will find that we will respond. Always remember to keep the love for life and all that exist in your heart no matter what.

    • admin May 4, 2013   Reply

      Dear Melba, we agree with you. We are never alone, in the Oneness nothing is separated and loneliness is just an illusion created by our mind. We are always a gift of love for someone. Love, H.A.

      • char May 6, 2013   Reply

        Yes! Even when I have felt lonely since I was a child, I heard something say to me that, “You are never alone” and other good stuff. I was surprised and comforted. I now know more about these presences. Woot!

  • Paul May 2, 2013   Reply

    Related to most above conversations. Where, when, why and what is the time and purpose.

    Will I understand it before I die? Don’t see much change in the world. Should I?

    More questions than answers.

    • admin May 4, 2013   Reply

      Hi Paul, we all have the power to change ours and others’ life simply by being who we are without fear of being judged. When we have the courage to be ourselves, we encourage others to be theirselves. One by one we can change our own world, all together we can create heaven on earth! Love, H.A.

  • Romeo May 2, 2013   Reply

    Eversince I was little I have this special liking
    for angels. I always feel there is someone
    out there… through my joys and sorrows
    watching o’er me. And, I never stop
    wondering maybe I’m a human angel
    as well. But, where’s my wings?

    • admin May 4, 2013   Reply

      Dear Romeo, your wings are hidden somewhere within yourself. You have them, they are a part of you. Do not fear fears, simply trust yourself and you will be able to spread your wings and fly to the skies of Perfection! With Love, H.A.

    • char May 6, 2013   Reply

      I have that liking since I was a child, too! Some people even try to discourage it, like one of my friends tried to curb my appreciation calling it worship. Bah. There was a reason all along. I wasn’t expecting any wings to pop out of me! And, you know what, I just allowed my Spirit to be fed and it happened at the right time. I think it didn’t happen sooner maybe, because I was kinda closed up. Now, I’m glad to fly outta that Angel closet! The free Air is fresh!

  • LISA May 2, 2013   Reply


    • char May 6, 2013   Reply

      Amen! You remind me of my Mama, a nurse too! Christian, Native American, Buddhist. I don’t know what sometimes!
      Lisa, I wish you well! May Divine Great Spirit be with you and your family!
      Love and Light!

  • Mandy May 3, 2013   Reply

    I know I am here to spread love and light, and to heal those in need, both human, animals and nature.
    My life, however, has been one uphill struggle, and because of my kind, gentle nature, there has been so many who have taken advantage.
    At times i feel as if my wings are battered, and have terrible pain in my shoulder blades.
    But thanks to other human angels who walk into my life in my hour of need i am able to heal, move forward and re-join my mission to heal those who need it.
    Never give up hope, every major set-back is a lesson to be learned, and every heart-break is a lesson on how to protect yourself better from negative energies.
    Peace, love and light to you all xxx

  • Sofia May 3, 2013   Reply

    Love the words , I have to read the book , identify me whit all 😉

  • Amanda Pasznicki May 4, 2013   Reply

    Many thanks… much love and blessings to all 🙂

  • fatimazohra Hadjar May 4, 2013   Reply

    Since as a child i have always served in the positive benefits of others.I have been used,abused and suffer most of my life. But still that couldn,t stop me from serving those in need, even if i myself was someone in need. I have always believed that God is taking care of me, no matter which life challenge i have to face ,he is always there for me. Im my daily life is have a foundation that,s represent those in need.children who can,t speak for themselselves, abused women, minors whith crimenal tracks, the poor, the alcoholic. I am part of a group that,s caaled the charter for compassion. I have and still i am misounderstood, because material things and money do not control my life. i love nature, meditate, always serving others. people call me stupid, or think they can use me for being naif as they call me, but i always answer; there is a God and all i am doing is for him, so use me if you want, be cruel to me, he is my protector and he is taking care of me. My dream is to move from where i life to a country where i can use my experience for those in need. where i an be off service for the poor, where i can be of use for abused women. i work with a programe i developed thais called Soul Searching, whre i teach people to go on a journey in findeing there innerself. Because that,s the heart the macanic of our being. We let our ego tells us how to feel, how to move, instead off going on a journey in finding our innerself.God has created this beautiful world and i feel that my goal is to make others stop destroying that by wars, hate, racism, terrorism. to waken those who sleep. i believe i was picked out to make a difference in this world. Does that makes me a human Angel?i don,t know, i give without wanting something in return, i help without wanting someting in return, i share without expecting.i open my door for those in need. i live fearless and people surronding me think i am weird, because who lives fearless?i hope to connect with others world wide .
    May alle off you be blessed, be protected by the most gracius off all.

    • char May 6, 2013   Reply

      Namaste! Powerful. I love working as a volunteer, too! And I don’t pay much mind to brands and stuff, though I like quirky things and I am grateful for material comfort, safety, and discount rack technology that has brought me to this beautiful oasis in cyberspace to perhaps share a nice cup of Spiritual tea with my Human Angel family 😀
      I wish you well! I wish you pleasant comfort! I wish you Divine Joy as you enjoy the power the Cosmos has to make your dreams come true for your Best & Highest Good!
      In’lak esh.

  • chinny andrew May 6, 2013   Reply

    i want to part of the human angels pls help me.

  • Katy May 14, 2013   Reply

    ~ The if’s describe my life to a T…! I seemed to have always known, though keep that to myself! Peace, Love and Happiness for all… Is my life’s duty! As hard as it may be, I find that happy and content can teach others more than the words I speak..! I get a lot of negatives and anger in return, though I know it’s learning in progress. Some do not respond to kindness, and would rather see it as weak. I pray for them and know that repetition brings strength and knowledge to carry on. I get mad and yell as most humans do, then redirect myself back to that Happy Place of Unconditional Love ♥ God’s has my back and knows my heart ♥

  • Maykam Po Vi May 15, 2013   Reply

    Siempre me ha interesado el tema, agradecere me envìe informaciòn. Maykam

  • Madison Maze May 17, 2013   Reply

    I just had a spiritual experience last week where I saw my wings unfold! Yay! Everybody together! 🙂

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  • jacqueline cheon October 25, 2016   Reply

    Yes hello everybody!I don’t know if I’m an earth angel but I definitely want to marry one!I want to find my soulmate and do gods will on this planet.my mission is to write music,protect the earth and it’s creatures and to write a book about angels of course!sometimes I get sad and depressed and feel alone or empty but I know I should be grateful for everything I have,including a family that loves me,a body that is healthy and enough to eat and drink whIle poor children in other parts of the world are starving.I hope to bring joy and do good works in people’s lives.if you could please pray for me and all living beings that would be great!thanks.for reading this!

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