Do you feel the powerful urge to change your life but you don’t know how to do it?

Start from within and the rest will spontaneously fall into place

Mind gremlins. Negative mind chatter. Mental noise.

My life is a mess


I’ll never get over this problem


 I suck


I’m not smart/ attractive/ successful



Negative emotions and thoughts attract crappy things into your life


Time to get rid of them! 

The time has come to enlighten your life with the power of positivity!


I succeed in everything I do


I am love


 I give myself permission to be happy



 I dare to live my dreams


Time to drag and drop into trash your old belief system made of

> Fears


Feelings of guilt




Install now 365 Mantras for today, a new heart-and-soul operating system that provides you with

> Self-confidence

> Gratitude

> Acceptance

> Courage

> Joy

> Self-respect

> Integrity

Change your life day after day with the power of positivity


Some mantras will purify you


Some mantras will help you in raising your energies

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What readers say

You don’t know how with your mantras, a few wise and honest words, you’ve helped me jumpstart a healing process

Thank you for your daily affirmations. They are helping me a lot in difficult times


This book is wonderful to help you through life’s ups and downs. Well written and easy to understand. very inspirational. Please add to your collection and be inspired

Make a habit of reading your daily mantra in the morning: it will have a positive impact on your life and will also help you rediscover the unconditional love you feel for yourself

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It will help you at any given time. When you are downhearted, when you are waiting at the bus stop, when you are facing a problem, when you are relaxing, when you go grocery shopping, …

Every moment in your daily life is the right moment to connect yourself with the power of positivity!

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“I do not know what I am going to write. I will listen, with humility and an open heart, to the words you gently whisper to me and I will write them down for the benefit of all those who can be inspired by them.”

We do not sign our books with our real names because, even though we write them, we are nothing more than a tool, an open channel for the messages of the Oneness. What makes awareness blossom is not the channel itself, but the water that flows through it. The miracle of flowering is done by the water. All that the channel has to do is to keep itself open and clean.
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