During your life journey, you might sometimes feel lost, downhearted or dazed, searching for help and inspiration



Now you’ve got the remedy


Take one or more Wisdom Pills and you will instantly feel good!

What Wisdom Pills are made of

They contain the active substance called “Soul Consciousness”.

It’s 100% organic!

What the Wisdom Pills are meant for

They are meant for helping you to feel well-balanced, relaxed and joyful even when everything around you seems to be like a mess

How Wisdom Pills work

They work on those parts of yourself that need to be observed, or healed, or released, or brought into balance

How to take Wisdom Pills

Take one or two or even more Pills (without the risk of overdosing).

They have a sweet taste because they are made with love, for you.

What readers say

Nice meditative affirmations. I like to read 1 or 2 every morning to help set the energy for the day


I use this book everyday. It inspires me to be a better person one day at a time

“Every single positive thought can cause a cascade of positive actions.” These daily thoughts and/or affirmations can start you to a healing process, strengthen you, develop balanced attitudes and approaches to life and work

“365 Wisdom Pills” will surely add inner peace and wisdom to your life, as they did to mine

Would you like to have always with you an instant remedy that gives you inner strength and inspiration?

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Everywhere you go, take “365 Wisdom Pills” with you. During your daily life, let these pills inspire and uplift you

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“I do not know what I am going to write. I will listen, with humility and an open heart, to the words you gently whisper to me and I will write them down for the benefit of all those who can be inspired by them.”

We do not sign our books with our real names because, even though we write them, we are nothing more than a tool, an open channel for the messages of the Oneness. What makes awareness blossom is not the channel itself, but the water that flows through it. The miracle of flowering is done by the water. All that the channel has to do is to keep itself open and clean.
Enjoy your reading experience!
Human Angels, the authors


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