From a self-published book to planetary phenomenon

We are Human Angels

A crash course for angelic humans


The book that has already changed the lives of many people is going to change yours! 

“We are Human Angels” is a book like no other

It is the first book in the entire history of publishing that has been spontaneously translated by the readers into many languages and is now available in 15 languages




1.  Find your sense of purpose

2.  Dare to step outside of your comfort zone

3.  Develop compassion

4.  Be your own guru

5.  Anchor healing energy into earth

6.  Be miracle minded

7.  Find inner (and real) happiness

8.  Connect with other like-minded people who, like you, are here to help humanity to evolve

9.  Understand and practice the Law of the Oneness of All

10. Live and act for a cause greater than yourself

What readers say

I feel like I am soaring emotionally, spiritually and physically


This has to be the most beautiful book written. It is LOVE written in words

A book that you read over and over, every day of your life


I’m buying this book for everyone I know

Invest a few hours of your time to take this crash course for angelic humans and start to live a life of miracles

Start now your crash course!

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You can take this crash course everywhere: for example, when you are traveling between home and work or when you are sitting on a bench in the park.

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“I do not know what I am going to write. I will listen, with humility and an open heart, to the words you gently whisper to me and I will write them down for the benefit of all those who can be inspired by them.”

We do not sign our books with our real names because, even though we write them, we are nothing more than a tool, an open channel for the messages of the Oneness. What makes awareness blossom is not the channel itself, but the water that flows through it. The miracle of flowering is done by the water. All that the channel has to do is to keep itself open and clean.
Enjoy your reading experience!
Human Angels, the authors


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