After the worldwide success of “We Are Human Angels”, by popular demand here comes the extended edition

We are Human Angels, We Inspire Change

A complete course for angelic humans

If you are a badass spiritual seeker, you cannot miss this book!

We are Human Angels, We Inspire Change. A Complete Course For Angelic Humans

is a fully equipped wisdom package to give you all the tools to transform your life and to make the world a better place

The course is divided into two parts. Have a look at the contents

The 7 Keys to overcome the ego

In the first part of the book, you will be guided in finding out about the ego and its repetitive, painful patterns. Knowing how the ego works is the first step to getting rid of it, awakening the Human Angel within you, and finally shining all the light of your Being.

1.1 The Oneness and the ego 

The ego is the illusion of separation that makes you believe that on one side there is you and on the other side the rest of the world, when the truth is that we are all One. In this first chapter, you will realize that the Oneness is neither an abstract concept nor is it an ideal to be pursued. Oneness is what you truly are, even when you are unaware of it. You will learn how to miraculously transform your life through the awareness of the Oneness.

1.2 Judgment

Judgment is the matrix of the ego. Every time you judge either yourself or others, you separate yourself from the Oneness. In this chapter you will discover how to stop judging and how to open your heart to Unconditional Love, that is Love in absence of judgment.

1.3 Guilt

Do you know that you are the most implacable judge of yourself? Do you realize that by judging yourself you feed your own sense of guilt? Are you aware that your feelings of guilt prevent you from fully realizing yourself? In this chapter, you will learn how to feel free of guilt and how to give yourself permission to be happy.

1.4 Projections

Why are you always attracted to a particular type of partner? Why do you always end up creating the same kind of difficult romantic relationship? In the fourth chapter, you will discover how to break free from this vicious circle of dissatisfaction and suffering. You will find all of the keys to building a healthy and satisfying romantic relationship.

1.5 Forgiveness

Do you know that the emotional wounds of your past remain imprinted in your cellular memory and continue to produce more and more distress? In the fifth chapter, you will learn that you can heal old emotional wounds, by clearing your cellular memory through the power of forgiveness. You will also realize that there is no greater healing than the forgiveness of oneself.

1.6 Fear

Your fears are like powerful magnets that attract exactly what you fear into your life. In the sixth chapter, you will discover how to stop believing the illusion of fear and how to stop unconsciously creating what you do not really want to create: failure, suffering, conflicts, … You will learn how to manifest only what you consciously choose to manifest.

1.7 Acceptance

By reading this chapter, you will discover how to change starting from the acceptance of your life. By learning to confidently surrender to the flow of life, you will always find yourself exactly where you want to be.


The 7 keys to live with the heart in service to the Oneness

The second part of this book helps you to recognize and to fully express your mission as a Human Angel.

2.1 The Rebirth

You will learn how to make sense of your suffering, to bless it and let it go. Now that you have completed your healing journey, the time has come to be reborn into the Oneness and to express what you really are: a Human Angel.

2.2 The Intelligence of the Heart

In this chapter, you will find out what the Intelligence of the Heart is and how to use it to consciously create your own reality. It is through the wisdom of the Intelligence of the Heart that Human Angels become love in action.

2.3 Integrity

This chapter will help you to harmonize the different planes of your existence (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) at a higher level, where the spiritual plane enlightens all the others. You will discover how to bring within reach all the energies that were previously dissipated in continuous inner conflicts and how to coalesce them to the full realization of yourself.

2.4 The Here and Now

You will be guided on a journey through the timeless time of the Oneness: the Here and Now, that is the Human Angels’ time. By learning how to live in the Here and Now, you will also learn that, when the past ceases to affect the future, everything becomes possible for you, even miracles.

2.5 Free Will

How much pain do you constantly see around you? How strong is your desire to help others? By reading this chapter you will learn how to manage your intense sensitivity as a Human Angel and how to make the best use of it in helping others. You will learn how to be truly helpful to other people by respecting their own free will.

2.6 Silence

Do you know what the most powerful prayer of all is? It is Silence. In this chapter, you will discover how to contact the Divine within yourself through Silence. You will also learn how to tune in with the universal flow of love, joy, and abundance.

2.7 The Greater Good

The last chapter will help you to fulfill your highest potential as a Human Angel and to find your own mission here on earth. You will see the vision of a new life and of a new world appear clearly before your eyes.

Your healing journey through the pages of this book has finally been accomplished. Now you are ready to make a positive difference in this world. 

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