“When you feel lost in the waves of life, faith is the rudder and love is the anchor.”
This sentence, taken from our book “365 Wisdom Pills” matches perfectly with the amazing story that we share with you today.
This is a story about Miss Capucine Trochet, a 30 year old French woman and a pure human angel who since childhood has been passionate about sailing the oceans. She has been diagnosed with a rare disease of her ligaments that was seemingly leading her to a life of immobility and profound sadness. But Capucine is a dreamer and a strong woman. Despite everything she has always believed in her inner power and has chosen to be the master of her own journey instead of just being a spectator to her own life. She has chosen to live a life true to her passion and now she is sailing on a small, ecologically friendly boat through the oceans, free, “en solitaire”. This is the lesson that Capucine’s story teaches us and that we should never forget: never give up on your dreams. Our lives belong to us. Let’s make our life a masterpiece. Sail well, Capucine!