The “Human Angels’ Quotes” are neither written by spiritual masters nor by well known spiritual writers. All “Human Angels’ Quotes” are written by the so-called “normal” people, like the ones that you meet in your daily life, when you are traveling on a train, or while you are going grocery shopping,… These quotes are a reminder to you: within yourself, as within everyone, there is all the wisdom of the universe. The only thing that you have to do is to stop thinking and let your soul speak. We are all divine beings, we are all Human Angels! Learn more about Human Angels, awaken the Human Angel within yourself >>>CLICK HERE

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Pamela, Scotland

We are really all Human Angels “waking up” to that realization at different times in our respective lives.

Debra, Australia

Being the victim of an unhappy parent, my life wasn’t what I would have wanted. As the future stretches out before me, my mind sometimes recalls the mistakes in my past. Losing my childhood to abuse gave me a different set of priorities than the other teenagers....

Terry, Nevada Usa

I know I am, a Human Angel; you see on November 12, my husband found me dead and called 911, who then did CPR to Hospital,  who after thirty minutes got me back but during that time I went to heaven but was sent back because I had unfinished business or a job to do,...

Robert, Germany

I love Angels, I truly believe in them and I believe in Human Angels. I have been touched by Angels more than once in my life and cannot thank them enough for saving me.  

Vera, California Usa

I have always known beyond knowing to comfort, encourage, uplift all I come in contact with often feeling their feelings.  As I face terminal illness, the spirits within me are becoming clearer as is my bond with others.  The instant I saw “We are Human...