Bring healing, joy and a new Consciousness into your daily life with “Mantras and Pills to go”

  • 72 tokens made of poplar wood

  • Collected in a precious wooden box

  • The wooden box has the shape of a book

  • Every token and the wooden box are decorated with an angel

Be inspired everywhere

“Mantras and Wisdom Pills to go”. There are 72 (36 + 36) tokens made of poplar wood, each engraved by laser with an uplifting quote to enlighten your daily life. All the quotes are taken from our inspirational books “365 Mantras for Today” and “365 Wisdom Pills“. The 36 “Mantras to go” are square shaped, the 36 “Wisdom Pills to go” are round shaped.


Feel protected by your Angels

“Mantras and Wisdom Pills to go” have been collected in a precious wooden box in the shape of a book. Both the box and the tokens are decorated with a beautiful, flying angel: your guardian angel. The angel is there to remind you that, whatever is happening to you, whatever trial you are facing. your angel is always with you. You are always immensely loved, protected and comforted by Angels.


Every day a new source of inspiration

Every day you can choose a “Mantra to go” or a “Wisdom Pill to go” and put into your bag, into your pocket or you can place it, where you can easily see it, at home or at work. Then, from time to time, you can look at it, read it again or simply feel  the shape of the Angel with your fingers and feel all its love and support flow through you.


A gift of love

The “Mantras and Wisdom Pills to go” are both an inspired and inspirational gift for your friends and loved ones. Maybe someone around you is facing a difficult time? Maybe someone is starting their spiritual search? Maybe someone loves angels? Maybe someone is an angel to you? For all of them “Mantras and Wisdom Pills to go” is a wonderful gift of Love!

How to use and enjoy “Mantras and Wisdom Pills to go”

Breathe, feel your heart, if you like close your eyes, then choose a token. Read it to yourself a few times, feel within yourself the profound meaning of its words. Sometimes during the day, you can read it again.

Let their words flow freely into the deep undercurrents of your heart. Day by day, the power of their words will be internalized by you and it will become your own inner power. Day by day, the wisdom of their words will lovingly guide you in your life journey, bringing healing, joy and a new Consciousness into your life.

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“Mantras and Wisdom Pill to go” is a project realized in collaboration with  >


A special thanks to Karen Elborg and to Emmerich Lehner for giving us the idea of this wonderful project and for taking care of it as loving parents.