Alef Mim, Iran

Alef Mim, Iran

Alef Mim has translated our book “We Are human Angels” into Persian (Persian title   “ما فرشتگان بشری هستیم”)

“I am a software developer and a coder. I keep my heart open, reading and inspecting newly published subjects from around the world, including Human Angels’ books in order to have a better life. I have been coding for a long time and in my opinion humans are very different from computers when we compare them. Computer programs use data as input and, after having processed this data, they produce new information as outputs. The more data inputed the better and more accurate will be the result. In the computer world, everything is related to its opposite: true or false, light or dark, zero or one. If we think of ourselves as computers, we realize that the world provides us with lots and lots of data and our Inner God (our soul) processes this input and gives us the answers to all of our questions (who we are, where we come from, what is our task). In our lives, we overcome the concept of “yes” and “no” because we know that there are unlimited and infinite states between true or false, between zero and one. Our life experiences cannot be seen as opposites (good or bad, right or wrong, true or false). We can learn something from everything that happens, without judgment. All of our experiences help us to achieve the only reality that is the Oneness.

Alef Mim


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May 12, 2016