Anniek Oosting, Nederland

Anniek Oosting, Nederland

Anniek Oosting has translated our book “We Are human Angels”  into Dutch. (Dutch title “Wij Zijn Menselijke Engelen”).

Anniek Oosting is on Facebook. She runs an uplifting and inspiring page called “Lichtlifts“. She is currently working on the translation into Dutch of our two other books, “365 Mantras for today” and “365 Wisdom Pills”.

When I was a teacher at school a girl, 6 years old, told me there were angels in my classroom. She said to me I should keep the promiss I made above. From that moment on it never left my mind. Then the word energy came into my life, and it never left. Now years later, after making the decision leaving school, but keep on teaching, I found the energy behind the words. It was the reason to translate the book “We Are Human Angels”. As it brings such beautiful energy into our world. I started my facebookpage Lichtflits, what means flash of Light. Sometimes words appear in your life having the power to bring Light, and everything changes. Today I work every day with the energy of words. They come into my life through insights, songs, books or things people say to me. And I love to share them because they always bring Light and Love into their life.
Right now I’m working on my book: Lichtflits 1 and on my website.
With Love and Light
Anniek Oosting”



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May 12, 2016