Claudia Thoma, Turkey

Claudia Thoma, Turkey

Claudia Thoma has translated our book “We Are Human Angels” into Turkish. (Turkish title  BİZ İNSAN MELEKLERİZ)

As a child, I always had the feeling that I was not really at my place in my home country; The Netherlands. Although my parents thought I might go to Australia or New Zeeland it was a holiday in Turkey that made it clear to me that Turkey was the country I should stay. It was a strange feeling of homecoming and being automatically connected with the “old” energy floating through the country. In fact I have been an expat in Turkey over 25 years already so I would like to call myself more a local foreigner. Throughout my career as a business consultant I have mingled into the world of the poor, rich, unknown, and famous. I have gained and lost money, friends, and family but the only thing I have never lost is my own track and on this track I gained enormous experience and inspiration. The experience taught me it is only humanity and true belief that gives richness to life. This inspiration brought me where I am today; owning my own spiritual center in Antalya, Turkey called Mind, Body & Soul. Here my fellow therapists and I try to help people and especially children who are in need of support so that they can live their life to the fullness in their many more years to come in life.

Claudia Thoma

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May 12, 2016