Deepthi, Finland

Deepthi, Finland
Deepthi has translated our book “We Are Human Angels” into Finnish  (Finnish title Me olemme Ihmisenkeleitä).
am a Finnish music artist from a little village called Jalasjärvi in Western Finland. When I was six years old I knew that singing is my life path. Thirteen years later I started my professional career after winning a national singing contest. Since then I’ve been giving concerts and have recorded several albums – meeting thousands of people.
A few years ago my world turned upside down. Or should I say reached a point where everything suddenly made sense. It hasn’t always been easy for me to be in this sensitive human body. But after everything I’ve been through during my life, I’ve learned how to gain my sensitivity to blessings: to follow my heart’s path. Through that my music has gained amazing new colors, too: I started to write my own songs and found a totally new instrument inside of me.

Besides music I write a blog about my spiritual path and every day feelings about awakening. I lead meditation groups and retreats and give lectures. When I found the book We Are Human Angels, I knew instantly that I had to translate it to Finnish as well. I had no experience with translating, but I decided to trust my inner feeling: I have to do it, because the message of the book is so important these days. And so I did. Right now I’m publishing my own book “Ole se valo joka olet” (Be The Light You Are) which is a story of my life with music and my spiritual path thus far.

I feel myself so grateful, humble, and blessed to be able to share love through my life path, and to help people to be aware of the light they carry inside of their hearts. I know in my heart that we are here to learn how to finally live from our hearts. We are able to reach out to our highest self and have peace, love and compassion in our hearts and everyday lives. We are all living in such powerful and transforming times right now. We are ready to really seek what’s truly important to our well being, and create a whole new world. A world of love and serving others.
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With Love,
Be The Light You Are
Music Artist – Songwriter – Author

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May 12, 2016