Efstathia Economou, Greece

Efstathia Economou, Greece

Efstathia Economou has translated our book “We Are Human Angels” into Greek. (Greek title Είμαστε Ανθρώπινοι Άγγελοι)

My name is Efstathia Economou, I was born on April 10th, 1959 in Piraeus, Athens Greece , where I live.

I graduated from College Sainte Jeanne D’ Arc French College in Athens, and learned French, English, and Ancient Greek. I also made French Literature and Translation. I have worked for many years in different and important aspects of Grecian Business, meeting many people of different nationalities and backgrounds.

I have been the translator and interpreter for many Greek Companies and also the translator  for a Greek Publishing House for both french and english languages.

All my life I have loved nature, loved all the beauty found there in the wild. I have always loved God and Angels and longed for being in Heaven.

I have written many poems over the years, all gathered in 7 Poetry Collections, talking of this Love and wanting to find it here, where I found myself living.

The book  “ We are Human Angels ”  helped me to understand why the longing has been there and how I can be connected. It is a real uplifting guide for our lives, where I have personally found all the answers to my “why’s”  and “how’s”. I feel so honored and grateful that Angels led me so far with their light. The translation into greek of “We Are Human Angels” would bring the Truth and these wonderful thoughts to my beloved people of Greece, much needed now as Greece witnesses one of the most dark times in its history.

If you wish to contact me , please use my e-mail: efstathia59@gmail.com or my personal Facebook Profile https://www.facebook.com/efi.oikon


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May 12, 2016