Emmerich Lehner, Austria

Emmerich Lehner, Austria

Emmerich Lehner has translated our book “We Are Human Angels” into German. (German title “Wir sind Menschliche Engel”) and actually runs the german Facebook page dedicated to the book.

When I got the book “We are Human Angels“ as a Christmas present from my loved one, the Universe told me, this book should also be translated into German. So I sent an email to the contact address and I got a wonderful answer!

After having worked for more than 40 years in Austrian schools for pupils with special educational needs I am now in pension. I tried, as much as possible to help these pupils, their families and also (as a headmaster) the teachers. I tried to do the best of what I have learned: With the heart but also in connection with my “Ego educated way of life”.

I have read many spiritual books with a special interest for the books and the talks from Eckhart Tolle.

When I start to observe my “Ego thinking way of life” and let go my Ego-thoughts, a wonderful world of being starts to awake: We are all Human Angels.

Mostly, when the brain is working, it is hard to realize. But when I am listening to my heart, to my inner soul, to my inner consciousness, I can feel it!

You can read this book with your “head” and you will find the wisdom of spirituality. But words are only fingertips!

When you read the book also with your inner soul, you will feel the Power of your “Higher Self“

We are all one and now its time to listen to “Human Angels” within ourselves.

I am so thankful to the authors of the book “We are Human Angels“, because they started a wonderful process.

Thanks for the honour to translate the book into German language and to be a part of the Human Angels community in this world.

Emmerich Lehner





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May 12, 2016