Gergana Ugrinova, Bulgaria

Gergana Ugrinova, Bulgaria

Gergana Ugrinova has translated our book “We Are Human Angels” into Bulgarian. (Bulgarian title Ние Сме Земни Ангели ).

My name is Gergana Ugrinova, I was born on January the 16th, 1991 in Sofia. I graduated from a Spanish high school and am currently a student at the University of Mining and geology   “St. Ivan Rilski”. I am fluent in English and this gave me the opportunity to translate the book “We are Human Angels” into Bulgarian. This is the first project that I have done. Until now I have written poetry and prose on various topics, but only for personal enjoyment. I also participated in the creation of scientific articles related to my profession. The translation of this book is very important to me and I am happy that I could share it with all of you.

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May 12, 2016