Karen Elsborg, Denmark

Karen Elsborg, Denmark

Karen Elsborg has translated our books “365 Mantras for Today” into Danish  (Danish titles  “365 Mantraer dag for dag”/”365 Visdomspiller”)

My name is Karen Elsborg and I live in Aarhus in Denmark. Born 1957.

I’m about to rediscover the angel in me. The journey through life is amazing with all what it contains. I have experienced and learned a lot, which has made me to the person I am today. I am a seeker and have read many spirituelle books, in which I have found inspiration to min inner journey. The book, “We are Human Angels” I found on facebook. It is a wonderful book with great wisdom, which resonates within me.

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to translate the books; “365 Wisdom Pills” and”365 Mantras for Today”. I feel so happy to know that I am part of this amazing time, when we and Mother Earth wakes up to a new era.

I work as a teacher at a normal Danish primary school. I enjoy being with children and young people and enjoys the human community that is created when you are together every day. It is challenging to be “mirrored” by so many people every day and it is a big responsibility to be the “mirror” of so many people every day. The “gifts” I have received during my work as a teacher is priceless.


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May 12, 2016