Kirstine Verwohlt, Denmark

Kirstine Verwohlt, Denmark

Kirstine Verwohlt, has translated our book “We Are Human Angels” into Danish. (Danish title  “Vi Er Menneskelige Engle”)

am 24 years old and live in Denmark. I dream of living someplace in Africa sometime. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Education and am soon beginning a Master’s degree in Educational Philosophy. Right now I work full-time at a school for kids with special needs; kids who have been diagnosed with autism, ADHD etc. They are truly amazing human beings and I love being able to help them. I also work at the main library as an IT-supervisor, which gives the opportunity to interact with many different kinds of people.

I’ve spent most of my life singing and playing the piano. Latest I had the vocal in a soul/pop band but we split up, so for now I’m doing some music in my recording studio at home. This kind of expression somehow uplifts my spirit and affects me in a positive way.

Besides music and singing I have always had a deep interest in Africa. Everything about this continent is somehow special to me, for no particular reason. I feel drawn to the atmosphere, the people and the culture in many parts of Africa. Also I feel a deep desire to help those people and societies who might benefit from the kinds of help I am able to give.

This book has helped me through some difficulties in my life and I sincerely hope that the Danish translation of the book can be a part of spreading the message even further and help souls who need a helping hand, just like I did, and eventually help them gain an even better lifetime here on earth.

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May 12, 2016