by Jayne Mason

From the Serenity of Being At One With All

We Enjoy All Within Infinite Love
With Infinite Free Attention and Joyously Focused Attention
We Are Joyously Perceiving Flows of Love Wisdom in All Realms of Unity Consciousness.

We Celebrate, Appreciate, and Acknowledge the Sacred Sounds and Joyous Lights of Co-Creative Truth, As We Share the Sacred Sounds and Joyous Lights of the Full Spectrum Colour Rainbow.  We Joyously Coordinate Co-Creative Truth of Joyous Omniversal Motion,
With All Sentient Beings throughout the Cosmos of Joy.

With this Joyous Co-Creation, We Celebrate, Appreciate and Acknowledge the Infinite Potential of Love Wisdom and, Infinitely Know that Our Ability to Be In Joyous Cosmic Communication Is Infinitely Inspired, This ‘Causative Realm of Joyous Agreement Co-Creation’ Is Where the Bonds of Infinite Love Co-Create the Infinitely Shared Sacred Sounds and Joyous Lights as Co-Creative Truth, to Joyously Focus our Infinite Attention into Unique Sound and Light Co-Creations as we Intelligently Desire and Make Known – Through Joyous Cosmic Communication.

We Flow these Joyous Agreements into the Cosmic Heart via the Joyous Cosmic Breath of Life – An Inflow of Joyously Focused Attention, to Co-Create all of the Intelligent Desires, of All Joyous Sentient Life with Infinite Potential to; Celebrate, Appreciate and Acknowledge all that Is Within Our Love as the Beauty of the Brilliant Co-Creative Experience, While Maintaining the Sacred Space for All that Is Still to Be Newly Shared Within the Co-Creative Experience of Cosmic Joy ~ As Balanced in Bliss.

When We Celebrate, Appreciate and Acknowledge Our Infinite Free Attention
We Can Joyously Be at One With All
We Can Joyously Co-Create in Unconditional Love,
With the Infinite Ability to Joyously Focus Attention,

From this Serene Stability of Joyous Co-Creative Awareness
We can Rest In Unconditional Love with Unity Consciousness,
At One With Infinite Love Wisdom, Knowing that All Is In Infinitely Inspired Motion with Infinitely Inspired Timing.

We Can Celebrate, Appreciate and Acknowledge that You have the Joyous Cosmic Capacity to Communicate Your  Infinitely Inspired Co-Creative Experience with Joyous Cosmic Integrity.

with sacred love and joyous light.


  • Jayne Mason is currently working with Soul Clients ~ to circulate co-creative love wisdom into new concepts, knowledge, techniques, and skills for joyous human outcomes. This year Jayne is celebrating 25 years of helping people to reach with their infinite potential in life and their chosen fields. Jayne has enjoyed researching and collaborating globally with many inspired thought leaders to embrace the infinite potential of love wisdom sharing that can be enjoyed from the integrated fields of unity consciousness.